Born 1990, Vasco D’Apuzzo aka Apu started collecting vinyl and Djing when he was 16 years old. His first musical steps were the e-bass and drum lessons he took since the age 11. After playing roots reggae and dub DJ sets at local events in Ticino (the italian part of Switzerland), he moved to Berlin when he turned 18 years old to learn German. As one would expect, in Berlin he discovered another side of music and his record bag was filling more and more with techno and minimal. His attempt to pursue a regular academic career didn’t prove to be the right path for him so he dropped his architecture studies and came back to music and art, also getting into electronic music production. Along with some close friends, in 2014 he founded Low Frequency Foundation, a collective that acts as booking and event agency. The first ever Low Frequency Foundation event was held in a beautiful (19th Century) Palazzo in Mendrisio the so called Villa Foresta, a picturesque location where music and visual art melted in a suggestive way and after a quiet phase LFF has now been relocated to Zurich and slowly entering Zurich’s underground scene.