Oskar Laroche


Oskar Laroche is based in Fribourg (Switzerland). During his electronic studies he used to rent a local for practicing the Drums in his home town (Porrentruy, Jura, Switzerland).

He has been working at Analog Service (Burgdorf) as electronician in 1995. That was his start in electronic music World programming drum machines and analog sequencers.

His influence starts with the Young Gods, Emmanuel Top, Pixies, Klaus Schulze. He saw in London an amazing live of Air liquid which was the revelation to go into live act.

His music is composed of deep vibes, raw sound with bass rythm drums, he do like tweaking voices into his tracks. His setup is generally composed of gears and a laptop.

Since a year he plays back once in a while for the pleasure to play loud his music on stage. Do you still hear me ?