Symoh Sares


Symoh Sares, born as Baris Yasin has his musical home in the genre Techno/Techhouse. He moved from eastern Switzerland to the canton of Zurich and has lived there ever since. Yet his roots can be found in the lively metropolis Istanbul. Almost ten years ago, in 2007 he was able to make the first steps of his career as a Deejay in the legendary Oxa Club. At that time he was going by a different stage name. The managers of the most famous Swiss Techno-Club at that time were hooked by his unmistakable style and therefore let him play at Afterhours and booked him regularly all the way in to 2011. 2008 he was a co-founder of the association „Junksound Electronic Music“. Together with this association he organized Underground-Partys in different Clubs in and around Basel. After a while his musical style caught various people’s attention. Also the Stairs Club in Altstetten, Zurich lay eyes upon him and in the same year he signed a contract with the club’s managers. With his own event series he got the chance to add to the design of the club’s monthly program. Soon he had built up a local fanbase which accompanied and supported him in- and outside of the Stairs Club. In 2011 he separated from the Stairs Club and reorientated himself. In the year 2012 he was accepted into the Zurich cult Label “Flinke Finger” which was founded by the Swiss Pioneer “Mas Ricardo” back in 2005 in the legendary “Dachkantine”. After the closing of the “Dachkantine” it continued in the new Homebase “Hive”. In autumn of 2012 he was embedded into the “Parat”- crew. Parat became famous in Zurich for their Saturday-Afterhours. Having started out in a small off-location, they found their own four walls at the Langstrasse in the Café Gold. For private reasons Symoh Sares retreated from the DJ-desk in 2014 and used his time in order to concentrate on his studiowork. His goal is to show the international scene his passion and talent under his new stage name “Symoh Sares”.